Sunday to Thursday:
12pm to 10pm
Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday: 12pm to 10pm
Afternoon Tea:
3pm to 5pm

Reservation: 25379888

À la carte

AMMO’s menu exemplifies the finest fashion for refined contemporary western cuisines with a modern twist. Located in a former 19th century explosives compound, the restaurant demonstrates the perfect balance between traditional and modern style.


Octopus Piazzailo Frisée Salad 128

French Seabass Ceviche
Mango & ají panca dressing 178

Diver Scallop “Gon Jiu Cyu” Cereal Chowder
Served with salted churro 138

USDA Prime Beef Tataki Tostadas
Granny Smith apple & scallion salad, honey yuzu pepper mayo 158

Slow-cooked Beetroots, Figs & Chavroux Goat Cheese Salad (V)
With roasted pine nut & lemon olive oil 118

Lobster Macchiato
Concentrated lobster bouillon, lobster foam, lobster chunk 148

Scotch Ajitsuke Tamago
Soft boiled ajitsuke tamago, minced andouille sausages, finished with panko, deep fried to crispy perfection 128

Pastas e Risottos

HK Typhoon Shelter Fettuccine with Abalone & Clams
Fettuccine cooked in crab stock, tossed in fried crab-chilli-garlic black bean infused EVOO 318

Tea Smoked Unagi and Sugar Pea Risotto
Served with Melting Egg, Garlic Panko 238

Korayaki King Crab Fettucine
Japonais snow crab, crab miso, crab roe and quail egg. A time-honoured Izakaya dish paired beautifully with our handcrafted fettuccine 288

AMMO’s Carabineros Red Prawn Linguine
Deep-sea cardinal prawns, sautéed with confit Italian cherry tomatoes in a 72-hour homemade rich seafood stock 328

Boston Lobster Risotto Shaved Bottarga di Muggine
Maine lobster, slowly-braised with Italian tomato and rich Mascarpone cheese and fresh Bottarga di Muggine 268


Slow-roasted Suckling Pig (serve 2-4)
Plantain chips, cilantro coleslaw and smoked pineapple jam 488

Pan-seared Black Cod Fillet
Served with clams meuniere, celeriac puree and curry oil 258

Omni Pork Ragout (V)
With eggplant parmigiana 178

M5 Wagyu Rib-Eye with Sukiyaki Jus
Wagyu bavette, Kyoto tofu, Kumamoto daikon, sherry-sukiyaki glaze. Served with 65° slow cooked Taiyouran egg yolk to dip 298

Aqua Pazza’ Bouillabaisse served with Garlic Toast
Red mullet, prawn, crab, fennel, saffron, capers, tomatoes with a generous splash of Pernod liqueur 288


“AFC” (AMMO’S Fried Chicken)
Chicken tenders served with honey mustard dip 128

Belgian Parmesan Fries (V)
Served with roasted garlic & truffle aioli 88

Calamari Fritti
Served with Thai chili sauce 98

Mozzarella Croquettes
Served with paprika aioli and mild cheddar dip 88

Charcuterie Board
Serrano Ham – Gran Reserva, Manchego cheese – sheep milk hard cheese aged 6-8 months Chorizo Sarta – Rioja region, cantaloupe, anchovies 198


Pistachio Tiramisu
Medley of Iranian pistachio seed and paste, brandy infused expresso and mascarpone creams – topped off with house made candied pecans 98

72% Dark Chocolate Gloss Fudge Brownies
Decadent and rich, with a gooey hazelnut centre, served with a scoop of coffee ice cream 98

Caramelised Pineapple in Dark Rum Syrup
Served with vanilla ice cream and the perfect drizzle of house made infused rum syrup 98

Youtiao Chinese Fried Churro
Freshly fried donuts, served with a quattro sauce – white chocolate, salted caramel, dark rum syrup and morello cherry coulis 98

6″ Salted Caramel Pretzel Pizookie (serves 2)
A little sweet and a little salty, served with a scoop of caramel ice cream 168


AMMO Garden 120

Kiwi Butterfly Pea Delight 120

Pink Rose 120

Popping Red 120

Popping White 120

Smoky Bulb 120